Friday, October 06, 2006

Uptitude (Campaign and Illustrations for Tshirts)

This was an ad campaign based in fairy tales (specially Alice in Wonderland) taken out of context. The idea was to continue with the risque campaing line Uptitude had in its winter/fall collection. The use Aregua's kistch pottery set the style for campaign and illustrations.


Anonymous said...

That's some creepy stuff...but it reminds me of the time I took mushrooms and went to the library. Good work!

MickFred said...

wow foxy chicks and you are ugly. It is the best mix. Actually i think you look like me... good luck with your endevours I respect your effort

Anonymous said...

Me parece fantastico que mi chico-ocho haga cosas con las Alicias Maravillosassss.
Sigue haciendo lo que quieres
Un beso muy grande
De la chica de la ocho

jamie holmes said...

waht the fuck man those pics are so cool.
do you know the models ;)

tatotatero said...

excelente trabajo

clap said...

me encanto esa campaña!!
buenisimo blog!

Anonymous said...

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Eva said...

i heart kitch

Ratu Angeli said...

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